Flying Point Industries

Message from our founding partners

Gaurav Arora

Flying Point Industries was founded on the principle that passion combined with expertise, experience, and access can help companies reach their full potential. Our venture firm evaluates early-stage to mid-stage companies, initially investing anywhere from $200k to $2MM.

- Gaurav Arora, Partner, Flying Point Industries


In addition to our decades of deep experience of growing businesses, our portfolio spans various sectors and allows for cross-disciplinary synergies as companies evolve. By providing access to prudent capital, seasoned partners, and an extensive network of investors, thought-leaders and industry experts, FPI will be a guiding hand through a company’s lifecycle.


The definition of experience is to have knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone. Our partners have decades of industry experience. In addition, we currently have a significant portfolio of companies that we draw from along with a number of our successful exits.


Our partners have spent over a decade investing in and growing companies. Building on a legacy of success across an array of disciplines, our experienced team confidently navigates companies through rapid growth, Series A through F investments, pivots, and market and/or strategic exits. All the while growing strong, industrialized and scalable companies.


We believe that opportunities are endless and our companies are exceptional. Day or night, no matter where on the globe, FPI will stand ready, willing and able to help and advise our companies and their management teams to reach their aspirations and potential.