Flying Point Industries


Flying Point Industries has invested in a variety of successful companies. Explore their latest achievements and relavent news stories that have been recently published on blog sites and the like.


The Only Biometric Identity and Payments Platform.


Somnoware offers an integrated, end-to-end platform for complete respiratory healthcare management. Workflow automation at test labs enables faster diagnosis. Context-aware patient care management reduces hospital admissions and drives better therapy adherence.

Axiom Space

Axiom Space, Inc., also known as Axiom, is an American privately funded space infrastructure developer headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2016 by Michael T. Suffredini and Kam Ghaffarian, the company is planning commercial missions in 2022 to the International Space Station (ISS) and aims to own and operate the world's first commercial space station.

Airspace Data

Secure, Automated, Auditable Airspace Data Sharing.


3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) is an innovative RF passive device design and manufacturing company that develops and builds novel, high-frequency 3D components in its brand new, state-of-the-art, 33,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Leveraging the unique properties of our patented APEX® glass-ceramic material, 3DGS technology enables performance not possible with traditional 2D components. The result is passive components with superior electrical performance and ultra-low transmission loss at high frequencies ranging from 1 to 200 GHz. Using traditional semiconductor processes, 3DGS produces cost-effective, high-precision, high-volume-scale components that meet the needs of consumer, commercial and mil/aero system designers.


MARTAC is an Innovative provider of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) called MANTAS for military, security, commercial and scientific missions and markets. MANTAS integrates with a wide array of sensors and communication technologies and operates in diverse maritime environments where other manned and unmanned systems cannot. Established small business headquartered in a 72,000 square foot production plant and private water test facility in Melbourne, FL. Satellite offices in Binghamton, NY, San Diego, CA and Apex, NC.


Developer of a trading and portfolio management system designed to automate institutional fixed-income trading. The company's system helps in the selection, prioritization, and control of an organization's programs and projects, in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver, enabling institutional investors to manage fixed income portfolios.


Matchwell was founded on the simple belief that facilities and healthcare professionals deserve more . It’s better for healthcare organizations and clinicians interested in flexible work to connect directly and transparently - without an agency (or agency profits) in the middle. Bye-bye status quo.


Eat Just, Inc. is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops and markets plant-based alternatives to conventionally-produced egg products.


Aquagenuity® is the “Google Search” for water quality, helping you check your water as easily as you check the weather. Honored as "the world's largest water database" by Google and winner of the Amazon Innovation Award, Aquagenuity has been recognized by the New York Times, Forbes, IBM, SoftBank, BMW Mini’s Urban-X, TechCrunch,WIRED Magazine, and on the homepage of Google for helping consumers, corporations and cities find out: “What’s In Your Water?” in real-time from any smart device.

Adjuvance Technologies

In a preclinical model, GSK scientists report a greater immune response to GSK Shingles vaccine (Hz/su) formulations that contain QS-21. In addition to SAPONEX and TQL-1055, Adjuvance is able to produce a variety of novel QS-21 saponin adjuvants for research and development efforts. Our synthetic processes provides vaccine developers with adaptability through rationally designed structural variants of QS-21. Using our proprietary chemistry, Adjuvance is able to delete and append portions of saponin adjuvants in a manner that provides a diverse array of unique TiterQuil adjuvants.


Klickly’s proprietary technology is the first and only platform that lets people purchase (with one touch) directly within ads, emails, and social media. The Los Angeles based company’s “smart,” impulse payments protocol enables purchases directly within digital interfaces. In short, Klickly has implemented a smart, impulse-payments solution for in-advertising experiences. Premier publishers, brands, agencies, and influencers use Klickly’s buy button technology to hyper-charge and commerce-enable their marketing messages. The world’s first and only “smart” AI-powered button that lets people complete entire purchases (and other CTAs) directly within ads, emails, social media, and websites, Klickly functions equally well on mobile or desktop without ever leaving the page.


Famacash, a mobile marketplace for retailers and a digital wallet for consumers, has raised $1 million of a $10 million funding round, according to the company’s founder. CEO and founder of Famacash, Saiful Khandaker, said half a million of the investment came from an angel investor in Kansas and the remaining funds came from a private venture capital firm in New York. The company’s headquarters is based in Alpharetta. With Famacash, retailers will be able to send consumers deals, coupons and even sell gift cards, Khandaker said. Like Venmo, the app will also provide peer-to-peer money exchanges locally and internationally. Users will be able to withdraw cash from participating bank partners or pay merchants with the Famacash wallet, he said. Khandaker hopes to offer the Famacash app in the Apple and Google app stores within the next two weeks following a soft launch, with an expansion across the world later on.


People around the world come up with new ideas and start developing cutting-edge technologies, devices and code in their backyards. Kira Blackwell, NASA iTech program executive for the agency’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, emphasized this Oct. 7 as she welcomed entrepreneurs, judges and intrigued guests to the latest NASA iTech forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

IPwe: Templum Markets and IPwe Launch Patent Finance Market for Fortune Global 500 Companies and SMEs

NEW YORK and PARIS, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Templum Markets, LLC, a registered primary issuance and secondary trading platform for smart securities, and IPwe, Inc., the world's first global patent transaction platform, announce the launch of their patent finance market for Fortune Global 500 and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Together, Templum Markets and IPwe are creating an entirely new financing framework, enabling companies to efficiently finance their patented intellectual property, turning the hundreds of billions of dollars invested in obtaining and maintaining patents into a financeable asset class.

Moving Analytics: Highmark Health provides initial stamp of approval for virtual cardiac rehab program

Highmark Health is reimbursing Moving Analytics' virtual cardiac rehab tool through an innovation program and is expected to roll it out more broadly should the tool lower readmissions and lower costs. Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology Is Bringing Convenience To A Whole New Level

Have you ever stopped to think about the limitations of technology? Are there any limitations? As new developments pop up almost every single day, it seems the answer is “no.” And the youth of today are demanding more - more convenience, more adaptability, and more ease of use. And with the advances in technology, you can no longer ignore artificial intelligence’s role in making those advances possible. In fact, AI has a role in all aspects of life from the home to shopping to the workplace. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Peter Voss, CEO and chief scientist behind Aigo, and he explained how artificial intelligence is poised to make our lives a lot more convenient.

Orchid Labs

According to a Form D published on April 20, Orchid has raised roughly $36.1 million out of a planned $125.59 million. Per the Form D filing, 42 investors have taken part in the sale of SAFTs – or Simple Agreements for Future Tokens – thus far. The SAFT gives accredited investors the right to claim blockchain tokens at a later date, and the investors involved must meet certain SEC-mandated income or asset thresholds in order to participate.

POPS! Diabetes Care Announces Closing of Oversubscribed Series A Funding

POPS! Diabetes Care—a revolutionary diabetes care management company—is excited to announce that it has closed an oversubscribed Series A funding round of $6 million USD due to strong investor demand.


Finance Transactions Reimagined A digitization and analytics platform deconstructing complex interconnected documents across the finance ecosystem delivering operational efficiencies, generating new value and connecting the business of today to the digital world of tomorrow.


Enterprise AI for real life sciences professionals. Healthcare innovation is best served when individuals with diverse backgrounds improve patient lives with common purpose and clear objectives. We are product strategists, engineers, data scientists and designers who are experts in our domain and passionate about advancing life sciences for the greater good.


Powering Data-Driven People Decisions Censia’s Talent Intelligence™ Platform instantly models and delivers the best talent for your organization. Our comprehensive platform replaces writing job descriptions, posting positions, passive searching, reviewing resumes and previous applicants, and searching the company for candidates with two clicks and intuitive search filters.


IDBiologics was founded in 2017 to discover and develop human monoclonal antibodies for the prevention, treatment, and cure of infectious diseases. Our innovative fully human monoclonal antibody platform enables rapid discovery and optimization of broad and potent therapeutic molecules. Using this proprietary platform, IDBiologics has accumulated unparalleled breadth in isolating antibodies for infectious diseases, with lead candidate molecules to diverse targets moving forward in development.

Selva Therapeutics

Coronaviruses must enter host cells to replicate. Cell entry by the virus is mediated by proteases found in the host. S-001 is an inhibitor of these proteases and prevents the virus from binding to receptors needed for entry into the host cell. In addition to activity against coronaviruses, S-001 has shown activity against filoviruses such as Ebola, and the parasite T. cruzi, which is responsible for the development of Chagas disease.

RealPage Acquires Electronic Payment Platform ClickPay for $218M

The deal marks the tech company's sixth acquisition since January 2017. Software and data analytics provider RealPage has lined up another acquisition. This time, the firm has an agreement to acquire ClickPay, a comprehensive electronic payment platform servicing 2.3 million units across the multifamily, homeowners association (HOA), condominium, and co-op segments of real estate, for $218 million.